This is spot-on. I see a lot of pre-revenue startups that believe, with just the right pitch, they can get VC attention.

"Professional investors invest in progress" - another way to say it is that they invest in scaling products, not ideas. Not always true, but for unproven teams, it is the rule. Someone with a track record and multiple successful exits might get VC funding, but that is the exception.

Excellent article and very helpful to those contemplating hiring a software firm.

The question of build vs buy is one of the toughest questions enterprises face. There is no easy answer, and in this post, I’ll talk about why this is even more complicated than you might think, with some hidden factors and risks that you should consider when making this crucial decision.

When we engage a client on this (or any) question, one of the biggest things we talk about is risk. Every decision has risk associated with it, and we always think it is important talk about how organizations can mitigate risks regarding their systems and software decisions. …

Ken Mocabee

Sr. Strategist / Startup Mentor / SaaS Coach / Sr. Partner at Alliance Systems

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